Compact temperature and humidity sensor

Compact temperature and humidity sensor
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    The compact probe is used when temperature and humidity need to be measured in the HVAC sector, and in particular in the following applications:

    • Air handling units;
    • Air-to-air heat recovery units;
    • CRAC units (Computer room air conditioning units), both perimeter and In-row;

    It is fitted with an NTC temperature sensor 10K@25°C β=3435 and humidity sensor with 0.5-4.5V output.
    The casing guarantees IP40 protection and is designed for panel mounting or fastening using the ring nut provided. 
    Available with 1 m and 3 m long cables.




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    Código +050000585
    Descrição Sensore compatto temperatura e umidità / Compact temperature and humidity sensor
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    Data 21/07/2016
    Versão 1.2