E4V - B (demountable)

E4V - B (demountable)
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    The CAREL E4V electronic valve is designed to act as the expansion device on medium/high capacity chillers and air-conditioning systems, up to a cooling capacity of 280 kW.
    Reliability, wide control capacity, fluid flow in both directions: these three features are all ensured by the E4V expansion valve, satisfying the need for a high product quality combined with operating and installation versatility.
    The innovative characteristic of the E4V is the incorporated sight glass, used to monitor movement of the movable element and refrigerant flow inside the circuit. In addition, the valve is made from modular elements assembled during installation, to simplify maintenance and inspection of the components.

    The E4V-B valve differs from the previous version E4V-A as regards the material used to make the movable element, which will be composite rather than steel; this will be available in two sizes, 85 and 95.




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    Código +050001220
    Descrição E4V - Valvola di espansione elettronica / Electronic expansion valve / Détendeur électronique / Elektronisches Expansionsventil / Válvula de expansión electrónica
    Idioma ENG  FRE  GER  ITA  SPA 
    Data 08/06/2023
    Versão 4.6


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    Código PH14LE4302-E4V-b
    Descrição CAREL E4V - B (demountable) - Electronic expansion valve - ExV - EEV Technology
    Idioma ALL 
    Data 11/03/2022
    Versão R.0