E2V - K (hermetic)

E2V - K (hermetic)
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    The CAREL E2V-K electronic expansion valves for small capacity units combine reliability and exceptional control precision, guaranteed by the equipercentile flow profile and 15 mm travel without axial rotation. The wide range available covers all applications for cooling capacities of up to 40 kW. The possibility of operation with two-way fluid flow is especially useful when the valve is used for heat pump applications, permitting a simplified refrigerant circuit layout and thus lower system costs.  

    The E2V-K valve is available in sizes from 11 to 35, and can be used with refrigerants with a maximum temperature of 100 °C.

    The E2V-K valve is made with high-quality laser welding and quality materials such as AISI 316. It is supplied already assembled and ready to use, to simplify and reduce the costs of system installation and commissioning.




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    Código +050001681
    Descrição E2V**K - Electronic expansion valve
    Idioma CHI  ENG  FRE  GER  ITA  SPA 
    Data 07/02/2024
    Versão 1.1


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    Código PH14LE2302-E2V-f-stator
    Descrição CAREL E2V - F (hermetic) - Electronic expansion valve - ExV - EEV Technology
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    Data 11/03/2022
    Versão R.0