humiSteam wellness NA

humiSteam wellness NA
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    Electrode humidifier for wellness applications. The reliable and easy-to-install CAREL solution complete with all the functions, accessories and controllers for steam bath applications. It is equipped with the “W” controller, complete with large graphic display, for centralised management of the various functions.
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    • Operation in time bands at different temperature set points; 
    • Operation on mains water; 
    • External device management: 4 pumps (for essences and disinfection), 2 fans, 1 light; 
    • 12 sizes available from 1 to 65 kg / h; 
    • Drain pump to facilitate the removal of scale when draining the water.



  • Manuals
    Código Descrição Idioma Data * Versão
    Código +030220310
    Descrição humiSet Humidifier Programming Tool
    Idioma ITA 
    Data 01/09/2014
    Versão 2.2
    Código +030220311
    Descrição Humiset
    Idioma ENG 
    Data 01/09/2014
    Versão 2.2
    Código +030220573
    Descrição humiSteam Wellness: Befeuchter für Dampfbäder/ Humidifi cateurs pour bains turcs
    Idioma FRE  GER 
    Data 09/04/2009
    Versão 3.2